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in new line. is now 7:00 a.m.. he is joining us from palo alto where there is a scene of a bizarre case. >> a few officers are on
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the scene and they're trying to piece together what happened this apartment building. they stated that a woman in her 20s woke up to find a man and side of her apartment or around 2:20 a.m.. if they stated that she screamed at the suspect fled the scene. they have no word on whether not she was the only one inside of her apartment. she is ok and she is getting interviewed as a police station. at this point police are treating this as a burglary but they are not ruling anything out and the possibility that this was a sexual assault. >> this is a serious crime and it happens very often. as far as we are concerned is very critical. >> as far as the search goals they have crews and
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surrounding areas who was looking for a man who is wearing dark clothing. this is a very vague description. they do have canine units on scene and this did not lead them to anything. they are relying on anything that the victim can give us. when we get this information will bring it to you right away. >> our other big story is the weather and we are live with jericho waiting for the next round of rain. >> satellite radar is showing where the moisture is settled. it is just over eureka. this is a slow- moving system that will be stronger than what we encountered yesterday. it
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will hit us at the elbulk of tomorrow morning. a day and you should expect heavy downpours. here is a look at the storm chards and the system was showing a lot rain for the early-morning hours. this was mainly a win dent the event. the heaviest rain will fall sometime tomorrow morning and the system for the third round would be saturday and sunday. >> we have the potential for flooding concerns and mudslides. if there is talk about the river could flood. this is something that we're-trend will have details coming up and what to expect for next week. >> we are on the save and castro valley where a
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traffic accident occurred. jackie sizzle this updated us on how a semi truck hit a lot cars. >> one expense of sneeze. as chp officials stated that on route 185 that this driver was one northbound when he sneezes and he pulled the truck to the ride and slammed into one truck and this slab into nine cars. he slide into all of these trucks and you can see all of this damage by the stroke. in all the 11 vehicles were damaged. this is at a used car lot and the driver was not injured and he will not be charged. i did not know what you bring him up on the chp stated that it was an accident and he just needs to carry it for right now i can tell you
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that the cleanup of remains. there's about 40 gal. of diesel fuel that is there and they have a right hand lane closed down. >> we will have it complete traffic check coming up. >> the time now is seven 04 a.m.. >> the number of americans in the unemployment line fell down by 393,000. this is the second straight drop after super storm sandy. application spiked to 451,003 weeks ago. people can claim unemployment benefits if their work place is forced to close and thereby getting paid. >> two political rivals will be meeting over a meal today. we're talking about president obama and mitt romney. it will be having a private lunch at the white house. if this is the first
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meeting since the last debate. president obama promise in his speech that he will sit down with romney and talk about how they could both moves for. that will have lunch in a private dining room and that mr. romney is scheduled to meet with his former running mate paul ryan. this will be happening after the lunch. >> the white house to send representatives to capitol hill to find out the conditions of the looming fiscal cliff. they complain that the white house has not provided them on how the president will curb medicaid and medicare. if the president has been consistent and that he does not want the tax to go for people who are under too much as $50. he is adamant that any new tax revenue must come from--he once rates lowered and was is that and find a middle ground. >> in bay area a news they
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have released the names of two girls were shot and killed over the weekend in oakland. a 16 year-old girl and a another 15 year-old were found shot to death about 6:00 in the morning in east oakland. they have been hit by multiple gunshot loans. if they stated that they do not have a modem and they do not know why these girls were on the street along. no arrests have been made. >> oakland police are asking for your help. there is a 16 year-old girl walked away from a group home on coolidge ave. if the staff followed her but then they lost sight of her. she is considered at risk because even though she is set at 16 years of a her capacity is of a nine year-old child. >> to tickets matched the power of all s nine. those tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. fees
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two people matched all six numbers. they stated that they have not identified the winners but that will be announcing where the tickets were sold at a news conference. >> it is 7 07 a.m. and we will be right back. here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge. it is dry and this is great news. tomorrows commute will be a big difference. this is our big story is another round of rain. of rain. ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we are back 5:00 pm is a time keeping an eye on wall street trading today you can see the dow has been doing good. up by 39. . a level of 13,024. we had some positive on earning reports in terms of retail sales we're in the black about that that is doing a pretty good job of keeping spirits high. we will see if it stays that way will continue to track trading dropped morning. >> not guilty pleas come from to bp executive. bp well site leaders are charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 11 rig workers. they are also accused of disregarding abnormally high pressure ratings just before the well exploded in 2010. the pebp
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president was charged separately. it killed 11 workers and of millions of barrels of oil into the gulf. >> hostess plaza as a judge to approve a bonus for its top executives as part of its bankruptcy plan. the makers of twinkie, dinged is, whole says the incentive pay totaling about $1.8 million is needed to help retain the 19 managers during the liquidation process. it could take about a year. the process includes the quick sale of its brands including wonder bread. hostess has received a flood of interest in the brands. the company's bankruptcy means the loss of about 18,000 jobs. >> also this morning the u.s. economy grew at a 2.7% rate from july to september. that is up an initial estimate of 2 percent even. this is the best performance in five years. data shows the company built more to build up inventories. the u.s. trade deficit narrowed as well. >> apples, itunes music
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software could launch as early as today. this is the second eight of the self- imposed deadline. the original overall was slated for last month. the original overhaul was september of 2010. >> we will have a complete check of weather and traffic we're watching and waiting for the storm system. here is a live look from the south they were traffic 1016 to slow down a bit. the camera is shaking so we know that it is windy as well. it will take a look at traffic and
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will come back to the kron for morning new striking a hot spot on the nimitz freeway. oakland a big rig was just cleared from the lanes northbound at from fail. it managed to block things long enough that it back up the traffic into san leandro. it has pushed the drive time to 20 minutes from 238 up 2980. it has added about eight-nine minutes to the drive. you can use interstate 580 for a while and save yourself time. again the big rig has been cleared from the traffic lanes. a quick bridge check as we continue our coverage you will see the westbound bay bridge ride one of the better ones we have seen the 880
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approach is only a short nine minutes drive. over to san francisco that is a need to commute pi. come in of macarthur maize is fixing to 18 minute drive. the golden gate bridge ride it looks good we are starting to get some slowing down from iran on 101 south bound. the only incidents are in the northbound direction. off a check of the weather rain is on the way here is erica. >> good morning george we are encountering the lance we are taking it live to san jose the downtown area the camera starts to whip around. it depends on the dust. you can see the wind speeds 30 mi. per hour sustained winds for san jose. 17 along the coast. satellite and radar is monitoring the read and where it iraining where it is l.
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>> expect showers later today probably around 4:00 p.m. beginning in the north bay. you will see that on futurecast 4. it looks like the showers bit more of the golden gate bridge. it is not until later tonight that we will see a light rain from oakland to the livermore valley. portions of the coastline as well. as we advance into tomorrow morning a.m. off the peak of the commute moderate to heavy rain. a good portion of the bay area. downpours could be very messy on the roadways. we are talking the tebetween 10 and 12 hours henry rain. the showers will taper off into the afternoon. --heavy rain. everyone will be in the '60s. 63 for napa vallejo 65, concord as well. your
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kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain every day lasting into the weekend. >> thank you erica. it is 7:18 a.m. we are getting our first look at a teenage murder suspect accused of going on a violent crime spree in san jose. the 15 year-old appeared in court for a minute yesterday's. he is being charged as an adult. after police say he and an alleged accomplice got stores at gunpoint and attended a carjacking of a man he was killed than the dual tried to kill a police officer in a car chase. this happened on november 16th. his alleged accomplice jonathan will banks of the arrested that night. it took the tickets a week to track down the second suspect. the nature of the relationship has not been revealed between the two but says the teenager was a willing participant. >> how does a 15 year old start off this crime spree
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in such a way it. i think that will be a key for the defense. >> he is being held without bail and will be back in court next week depending on the evidence introduced we could see what happens if they are tried together or if the two were tried separately. >> administrators and staff at st. frances cabrini school in san jose addressed parents' concerns during a special meeting. it was held last night over this man convicted register sex offender mark gurri who was allowed on campus last month. this found out he had been on campus more than just the one time he was spotted at the festival. parents said they were glad they went to the meeting. the diocese says there will no longer give release letters to volunteers and also a safety committee is being formed to make sure this does not happen again. >> and review of last year's officer of shooting in santa clara county has determined the offices were justified and opening fire. it is
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related to the workplace shooting at lehigh cement plant in cupertino. that is where a man opened fire nine employes were given three were killed. a manhunt last several days. it was on the second day he was found behind a car in a sunnyvale neighborhood. deputies opened fire when the gunman made a gesture with his gun. although police did hit him eight times he actually died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. the report was released by the santa clara district attorney's office. >> the man is under arrest and southern california charged with posing as a photographer in an attempt to lure teams, teen girls into taking inappropriate pictures. fullerton police took the 42 year old man into custody at the the paris of the girls called police. he approached the girls pertaining to be a professional photographer and wanted to take pictures of the girls. police say he
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took cellphone numbers and began sending them text messages about taking suggest pictures. he gave the girls out of and at certain times a meeting with them at their homes while their parents are away. he is now charged with contacting a miner with the intent to commit a sexual offense. >> the man accused of killing and vallejo police officer during a chase last year has been ordered to stand trial. 39 year-old henry albert smith could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted. pick a be convicted of ththat the officer chased after smith and went after him in a backyard that is where smith shot and killed a veteran officer. >> a far mormiddle school teacal teacher conviction is upheld by courts. she was convicted and sentenced in contra
7:23 am
costa county superior court. a former physical as a patient teacher pleaded no contest to tell molestations. >> we would take a break it is 74 to 2:00 a.m. on the clock. let us go back outside will take a look from the view of our roof cameras. it is a cold start to the morning. is breezy and when date ( male announcer) now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. ( male announcer) now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badlywendy
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palestinians say the u.n. general assembly will vote this afternoon appeareon a resolution to ban a server to a non member state. unlike the security council there are no vetoes in the general assembly and the resolution is virtually a certainty of approval. there are countries and a sympathetic to the palestinian cause and the " all it requires a majority to approve. >> mass murderer before detonating a bomb in no way here is what of minutes and is closing. it by a mass killing on a small island. the bombing killed eight people and then
7:27 am
eventually there were 69 more that were gunned down on the island. he was convicted and sentenced to the maximum in norway which is 21 years in prison. >> new informations coming about the protest that happening now in cairo clashes between protesters and police are clogged streets in the central city of cairo gifford for it is causing closures and the u.s. embassy. the embassy issued a statement advising u.s. citizens to avoid that neighborhood which is fairly close to to rear square. the clashes coincide with an assembly on a new draft for a new constitution. >> will take a break 7:26 is the time we come back we will have a complete look at the forecast. erica is denied on the sky. it is cloudy and when the out there and before too much longer it will be wet as well we will be right back.
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welcome back is 7:29. we have a live shot dead king they'll. team and mail-- kingvale. >> as we take it to satellite and radar we have a live shot of fatt fattaltahoe satellite and radar is keeping an eye on the moisture coming down through the bay area this will be a significant system is a slow mover. the winds associated with it and a lot of cloud cover. we are taking a live outside to our san jose camera. it is checking around from time to time. winds are increasing as we
7:31 am
head into the afternoon. yesterday's storm was early in trying to the afternoon. that was mainly a win the event. tomorrow will be an intense storm for your friday morning commute. we have a storm system approaching the bay area saturday night and sunday. full details on what to expect straight ahead. >> if we continue to monitor delays in our hot spots the damage freeway 880 northbound. a big rig was stalled for some time it is clear now. the nimitz freeway >> the ride through castro valley slow this morning on east peace 14. kron fours jackie sissel has been on the scene which can be described as a strange incident. >> the cleanup continues the big rig did the damage is gone. this is one expensive
7:32 am
according to police. a truck traveling north on east 14th. the driver said he started sneezing for the truck over to the ride and slammed into a parked car all to believe slammed into nine other vehicles in a used truck lot. of the driver of the vehicle was not injured but you can see the damage done to the nine vehicles inside of the used car lot. also along the way he dumped about 40 gal. of diesel fuel. that is being cleaned up now. according to chp you did the leak investigation there will be billed charges against the driver. i am not sure what they would charge him with. from a legal sneezing. they say it was an accident. it did not cause much aware of problems here the right lane is closed but not a lot of back of track fiqh out here. >> off the bay bridge back up not too bad we will have another check coming right up. >> thank you back to the news we have a developing story actually out of palo alto where the search is
7:33 am
underway for a man who broke into a home. let us join mike pelton our sole reporter on the scene. >> a delay lexus to find a stranger in her bedroom was a star? >> a very strange morning a scary one for a lot of residents. officers are still on this thing off because he one of the squad car they are trying to piece together exactly what happened here this morning. officials tell me a young woman in her 20s woke up and found a man inside her bed room for brown to 20 a.m.. police say she screamed and after a brief struggle the suspect fled the apartment. no word if she was the only one in sight at the time. at this point police are treating this as a burglary but are looking to see if it might have been an attempted sexual assault. off the good news is the victim is ok. she did suffer a bruised wrist, but physically is ok. police questioned her at the station early this morning to obtain more information.
7:34 am
they still have a very vague suspect description. they say the suspect is a man he was born dark clothing clearly a very vague description. they are trying to improve that. they have however, in the palearn the sust gain entry by forcing open a door. they brought k-9 units out early this morning that led them nowhere. they still have some officers and surrounding neighborhoods looking to see if there is anyone suspicious. i have seen some of them questioned the neighbors, but at this point still a very vague suspect description. >> thank you mike for that new information just in this morning. >> police track down stolen getaway car use in a smash and grab berkeley to stay in downtown lost cause. take a look at the surveillance video--in los gatos. this
7:35 am
video is in the jury storm. it was known on tuesday that this happen. just sweeping all the jewelry into a bag the two men held the employes at gunpoint. they have black semiautomatic pistols as they went in and demanded jury and then they took off, got in a car on university avenue described by witnesses as a gray volkswagen jeddah with north carolina license plates. jetta. >> let us move on to other headlines the man who was killed in a head-on collision in san jose on saturday night has been identified. police say that the 69 year old man crossed the center divider on st. thomas expressway near williams and drove into the fast lane against traffic where he crashed into an oncoming car. chp officers said that he was pronounced
7:36 am
dead at the scene. for the driver of the of the car was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. the oakland police are investigating the 160, side of the year. happen yesterday at around 8:00 p.m. when a man was found fatally shot in a car at the intersection of russet and more park streets. police have not identified the man or the type of car he was found in. they do not have any suspects and there are still investigating. >> off continuing to track grass prices across the bay area the average across state is $3.72 a gallon. gas prices. $3.82 in san francisco. san jose is at $3.67. in oakland $3.70. >> a new poll shows the majority of americans are against president obamas health care reform plan. a gallup poll shows that 54 percent of americans believe it is not up to the federal
7:37 am
government to provide health-care shorts coverage. the affordable care act was passed in march of 2010. the supreme court in june upheld most of the president's initiative allowing patients with pre-existing conditions to assets health insurance and also allow a lot of children to stay on their parents and shores there were a bit older. >> the time is 7:36 a.m. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. at live look outside at the san mateo bridge and all is clear but traffic is pretty slow. we
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in antioch wal-mart supercenter expansion project is one step closer to becoming a reality this morning. yesterday's state appeals court ruled in favor of the expansion despite a judge's decision the city should have done done an environmental study. the review was already done in 1998 for a larger shopping center than the current raw
7:41 am
marked so the study was not needed. expansion will add a grocery section to the 140,000 square foot complex. critics had argued there will be more traffic in urban blight because the sale of business was closed. >> from a projection about a light rail extension and los gatos are raising concerns about whether it is worth it. an updated forecast reveals a mere 200 more riders with john on the new ride. off making it one of the least use rails in the entire country. the project a 1.6 mi.--transportation officials say it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate economic activity. >> this morning the power is back on for more than 1000 pg&e customers in pacifica lost electricity as today. at down power lines knocked
7:42 am
over by the weather strong winds and pouring rain. at times it was often on. when it was at his word that is when the poll when dadown. most people decided they will stay in with a select few decided to hit the weights. >> there could not be a better day for me there were not a lot of people. the water was great nice and clear. the way for claim. it was an all board today. >> whenever this when it's down to the sow for certain because the blows the win trip offshore. they cite the they are great. >> only 2-4 ft. waves conditions were ideal. >> make sure to watch dr. phil to day after our kron for morning new is. at 10:00 a.m. he has got some celebrities facing off as babysitters. we will see which one is the best babysitter that is dr. phil today at 10:00 a.m..
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good morning welcome back to the kron for morning news. all eyes on satellite and radar we are tracking storm number to eventually it will hit the bay area. light rain earlier this morning brown novato, portions of san raphael. during the cold front to drive down it is a slow-moving system. the wins will pick up into the afternoon we will see an
7:46 am
increase in cloud cover. futurecast 4 is tracking the timing 4:00 p.m. later today intense rain for santa rosa light rain for the rest of the communities north of the golden gate bridge. the system will tracks out later today. the rain will pick up in intensity. take a look at 8:00 a.m. friday morning the heart of your commute will be missing on the roadways. we are talking widespread yellow and orange everywhere. finally the showers will taper off by 3:00 p.m. later in the day. off and on showers keep your umbrella handy not only tomorrow but into the weekend. we are talking tough 10-12 hours the entire stretch of pretty heavy downpours are around the bay area. storm no. 2 could see more than 4 in. of rain for the north bay 1 to 3 in. everywhere else. your afternoon highs mostly cloudy skies 63 for napa vallejo. 65 in, pleasanton and concord. 64 in redwood city. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast
7:47 am
shows rain pretty much each and every day. of course we are concerned about flooding, mudslides, down trees and power lines. sunday we expect heavy rain for the morning hours. that is storm no. 3 the showers will start to diminish as we start the next work week. as we head into wednesday. temperatures to climb into the seventies. that is a look at bay area weather if you are heading up to the sierra do you do need your chains from highway 88. >> snowball but e have a winter weather advisory in effect 28 in. of new snow. 18-36 in. with seven into a fresh new power within the last 24 hours.
7:48 am
>> we're looking at much improve conditions what had been a hot spot. the back up that reached all the way to san leandro is finally starting to break up. drive time are approaching normal. which means it would be normal to see some slow traffic here now as we do. a quick bridge checked the bay bridge has had one of the better commute of the week. the drive * are running 18- 19 minutes and less than that if you approach from the nimitz freeway. the san mateo bridge has not began to bog down which is typically the pattern at the 7:00 a.m. hour. we are still looking at 14-50 minute drive times and your commute to the golden gate bridge still a small one across span. for the problems the marin county, just a little slowing from the bottle to citrus and mafia. >> let us talk with gary first about basketball players behaving badly. it justified? the three were objected including rondo. >> they have been listening
7:49 am
to too much j.c. rep. >> like do not touch my boy --jz rap. >> there is the ball again was it really that horrible and of reaches of a file that rondel had to attacked humphries. >> here is the thing no one died in this correct. >> but they did go into the stands. >> millionaires to not really want to fight you fight when you are angry and hungry what these guys what the heck. if a guy jumps in the air in you touch him there in the proximate injury. if you look at the play barnett was in the air in got pushed garnett got
7:50 am
pushed. >> these are big guys the second they go into the stands. when they go into the stands someone could get hurt like a real person and normal sized person. they could be replaced the guy making 15 million per year cannot. >> i am getting ready to do this thing last night and i started to play around of the computer i did not know that humphries the guy that got in the broad actually started it he is still married cam kardisian. kim kardashian. kim wants a divorce to get it off with. the basketball player says i
7:51 am
was used for a reality show i want to know what the profits were. >> i thought it was settled. all they are still technically merit. >> technically married. >> have you seen what they are putting on the internet about jim harbaugh colin and alex smith love the triangle. >> someone made a mock movie poster. you have got them facing off and which one does he choose. >> as much as i think harbaugh could handle this a little better it is fun to have a winning team and a quirky coach. >> it is interesting it is good tv it is fun for fans. >> and they are winning. people say oh it is is
7:52 am
right. as long as you're winning. but if he was losing people would feel differently. >> when you are losing as well there is a lot of rotten eggs turned use our. the game tonight with the saints. the st. team bus pulled into the airport last night and there are a good by airport workers. >> who are they playing? >> they are in atlanta their plan the falcons. >> if there are twitching. i read the tweets. our team is getting egg by airport workers. a letter to rep workers that is really classy. >> these fans at the airport i know there is bad blood right but taking the bus come on. >> you are lucky the airport workers were obviously very
7:53 am
busy to time out of their busy schedules to throw eggs. >> if i am employing someone and they're wasting their time throwing eggs at a team bus. there were throwing at the teen was on the tarmac. >> it is not like they are baseball and they will host the team coming into town for a number of days. faugthe rematch with the seventh fiscal 49ers is a big deal it was a tie. the san francisco 49ers because they're such a good team because of his quarterback thing they usually talk about on wednesday what is going on when harbaugh made the announcement around noontime my gosh, all the esp in, fl network everyone was covering it live--in sl network ng. fl
7:54 am
>> gary their reports of these pleasures fabric. gary you notice of a other muscles. >> i have no idea doraarya talk to someone who needs it. >> that is like asking the resulting in the out this week. >> congratulations on the syndication we are now i think 40 minutes past the hour on 193 it is terrific as commission garli. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> we are back at 7:59 a.m..
7:58 am
police and palo alto are searching for a man who broke into an apartment. >> a new video captures the moment before a deadly bombing in norway. >> we have a lot rain headed our way and we will let you know what you can expect. before cold & flu season, help prevent
7:59 am
with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense.
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lysol. mission for health. >> the mormon the top story that we are following this thursday is a one man who woke up to a masked man who was in her home. >> here is that look in castro valley where we are monitoring a semi truck crashed. >> we are following whether and we are tracking the series of storms that are handed out of way. here is
8:01 am
what the clouds look like. >> this is a slow mover and it is still centered over you read the.eureka. it was sete bay area for longer. it may be 10 to 12 hours of heavy downpours. if you have any outdoor plans you should get them done early. we're already seeing the winds picking up. there is 13 mi. per hour. yesterday it was a quick mover and it was just mainly a win the event. the one that starts today and tomorrow will be messy. as we head into the weekend storm no. 3 will be approaching. we have the potential for flooding and
8:02 am
will have full details of what you should expect spirit >> we are monitoring a area in the san ramon valley. this is a 680 northbound. we have two problems here. wabbled accidents are the northbound direction one of them is slowing the ssofa ride as well. there is only one lane that is blocked in the northbound direction and this is not typically what is regarded as the commute. >> the time now with 8:02 a.m.. >> the searches song for a man who invaded a woman's home overnight while she was sleeping. he got away. >> mike pelton is alive as the police are still investigating.
8:03 am
>> their cars here and you can see some officers are still here. it has been a crazy morning and according to them a woman in her 20s woke up to find a man inside of her bedroom. police said she screa struggle the suspect fled the scene. if they're treating this as a burglary but they may look into it has been an attempted sexual assault. people in this area are very worried. >> i think this there is very save and you never imagine something like this would happen around here. i am really concerned as are that this happened to her. >> the woman is okay and she did suffer a wrist injury. she has no other physical injuries. they brought her into the police station and
8:04 am
is that if there are looking for the suspect was wearing dark clothing. there's no better description available. that brought in the k-9 unit and that led them to know where. there really relying on a better description of finding them. they stated that this is very concerning an unusual for this area. >> people are wondering whether this was a random or was someone does try to see what door was alive. at all the residents want to know. >> the woman next door say that she did not want speak on camera but that she has a young daughter and that she is very worried but she always locked her door. the police did not have a motive and they do not know who the suspect is. they tell me that the suspect gained interest by breaking through her front door. >> authorities have released the names of two teenage girls who were shot and killed during a violent
8:05 am
weekend in oakland. they were found shot to the about 6:00 a.m. on sunday morning. they were both hit by gunshots multiple times. they do not have a motive and they do not understand why these girls were on the street this early in the morning unattended. >> an accident involving a vehicle and a semi truck. they have not cleared his accident. this rig was heading north when the driver's these and swerved and struck a car and then hit nine cars faa dealership. you could see all these cars armando and then he lost 40 gal. of diesel gas. no one was injured in the crash. the truck driver just eassneezed.
8:06 am
>> let's take a live look as we continue to focus on the weather. if this is the golden gate bridge that has the gray skies and we do not quite have the storm here yet. we are tracking this and we will be back in a moment. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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>> we are back it is 8:08
8:09 am
a.m.. >> all in all this is not a bad day to trade the s&p and the dow are showing positive. buying homes in the month of october jumped the highest since a few years ago. this helped boost the number of retailers and adjusted depending home index. it rose. they show where the market is headed and there is a one-to-one glad because of signed contracts and completed sales. home sales seem to be on the rise. >> the number of americans and the unemployment line failed. 390,000 last week. if this is the second drop after super storm sandy.
8:10 am
applications by to 451,003 weeks ago. people can claim their unemployment if the workplace is forced to close and they're not paid. >> major retailers are reporting that they had weaker sales. their sales are only up by 1.7 percent compared to a year ago. this is still below the what they anticipated. as strong thanks giving week and was not enough to offset. this was caused by super storm sandy. the holiday season is about 40% of retailers' annual sales. >> the next generation of apple's buy two software may be launched sometime today. if this is the second to last day of apples and deadline to release it. the release was supposed to happen last month and their last major overhaul was
8:11 am
september 2010. >> we will have a complete check of our weather and we have erica standing by. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. if it is moving okay her today is movingt that we were dealing with rain in the morning. we still may have a wet evening commute. if you should pack your umbrellas of the chicken get home safely. we will have the timing coming up. we will be back with more. get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> we are backtracking a hot spot. there were too northbound incidents in san ramon. all the lanes are cleared now but look at what it did to the north bound 680 ride. it was backed up all the way to the dublin area. it is slow going for 680 north. it has not backed up the west right. the ride here has been hailed up because of an earlier
8:15 am
accident. >> the bridges have been dorm pretty well. the bay bridge ride at 880 has no backups and you are only looking at a 16 minute drive time. the san mateo bridge has not seen slow traffic. the slow drive time is a down below 15 minutes. the golden gate bridge there is heavy traffic for north marin. the speeds are good south bond and you will have no problems. >> we do have rain on the way are right now we're seeing cloudy conditions and windy. take a look at our camera shot. we are contending with sustained winds at 17 mi. per hour. it
8:16 am
is 22 mi. and oakland. the wind is stronger in the higher elevations. as we look as satellite and radar rain is on the way and it slow moving. it is centered over eureka right now. there will be intense rain for the rest of the north bay spots. as we advance the clock the rain will pick up in intensity and check out tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.. this will be the peak of your morning commute. it will be moderate to heavy rain. they do suspect a consistent downpour of rain. the showers will taper off about 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.
8:17 am
hear is a look pitcher current temperatures. >> is 60 degrees for oakland and 574 redwood city. everyone will be in the '60s and 634 santa rosa. mid 60's for livermore and pleasanton. your kron 47 day around the bay highlights rain each and every day. we have consistent line for a consecutive stretch of days it is always a potential of flooding and mudslides. the chance for showers and diminished as we head into monday. when this is all said and done we may seek more than 10 in. of rain. to stay wednesday of next would look pretty good. the temperatures could climb to the '70s. >> we're getting our first
8:18 am
look at a teenage murder suspect. he is accused of born on a violent spree. he appeared in court yesterday just for a brief moment when he was charged as a adults. he police stated that he robbed a person and then try to kill a police officer on november 16th. him and his accomplice were arrested and to detectives a while to find his accomplice. the d.a. will not state what their relationship is but that the accomplice was a willing participant. >>how long have they learnknown each other? how does this 15 year-old starter out with these type of crimes? >> he is being held without bail and he will be back in court next week. the
8:19 am
evidence will determine whether that will try them together or separately. >> administrators and staff in san francisco addressed parents concerns and a meeting about the wake of a convicted sex offender ewho was allowed on campus. the parents find out that this man had been on the campus more than one wantce. the diocee stated the that when i release letters to volunteers and that that will start a new safety committee. that want to make sure that children are not in this environment a gang. >> a review of lashes officer shooting states that the officers were justified when they open up fire. this was a workplace shooting in cupertino. and 49 year-old man open up fire on 15 year- old employees in nine of them were hit. three of them died. he fled the scene and
8:20 am
police found the next day hiding behind a car in a sunnyvale neighborhood. the deputies opened fire when he made a gesture with a gun. the police hit him with eight bullets but in the man ultimately killed hisself due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> a san of a man is under arrest and charged with posen as a photographer. he attempted to lord teen girls to take inappropriate pictures. the parents of the children call police and they stated that this man approached their children and pretended to be a professional. he wanted to take their pictures and he took down their cell phone numbers and sent them messages about suggest of pitchers. he even gave the girls have all and met with them at their homes with parents or not there. he is not charged with contacting a miner with an attempt to
8:21 am
do something sexually. >> he has been ordered to stand trial. if this 39 year-old man may be eligible for the death penalty. he shot a officer last november prosecutors stated that he let the money car chase after a bank robbery and an officer was chasing him for a backyard when the man shot and killed him. >> a former middle school student--has been upheld a state appeals court. there were no errors found in the procedures were he was convicted and sentenced. he is a former physical education teacher and he pleaded no contest last year to child molestation. >> we have a live look from mount cam and we are trying to look across a very cloudy
8:22 am
bay area. we're looking for rain to come our way later on today.
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> we are getting ready for a wet stuff coming coming
8:25 am
home tonight and it was commute for the morning. it will be a lot rain tonight and you should state-owned to kron 4.stay tuned to kron 4. >> tuesday and wednesday there will be a break from rain and a little bit warmer. >> new guilty plea from to b.p. supervisors. b.p. leaders are charged with manslaughter in the death of 11 workers. they are accused of disregarding
8:26 am
readings just before it exploded. b.p. is vice president of texas operation stated that they were charged separately because they concealed information from congress. they did not state to cumbrous, chagall was actually leaking. >> new this morning the u.s. economy grew by 2.7%. this is up from an initial estimation. this marks the best third quarter performance. the data states that companies spend more to build up inventory and what was are originally estimated. we also have news from them and will consume reports that stated that wireless carriers. >> at&t was last and the survey for customer satisfaction but it did top all the wireless carriers for the 4 g area. at&t customers reported that they
8:27 am
have the fewest problems including the service interruptions and slow speeds. but when it comes to customer satisfaction they're still less. >> it is 8:26 a.m.. we will be right back. >> one of the stories that we are following is from palo alto. hear is a live look at the scene where a man interested on a woman overnight and he is on a loose. where would tell you more of the store in a few minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back. we're taking a look outside as storm tracker 4. when will we expect to see this frost coming in? >> it will be later on
8:30 am
tonight. we will not seek rain here in the rest of the bay area until about overnight. satellite and radar is monitoring this wet weather that is ahead of us. this indicates moderate to heavy rain. this is a slow moving system and it will take a while before it reaches us. this will just hang out over us tomorrow morning. you can expect 10 to 12 hours for this claim. but worse will probably be in the morning hours. we do have a lot of clouds associated with this and the winds are up to 20 mi. per hour. this will increase as the storm approaches. future cast 4 says that there will be heavy rain for santa rosa of. it will start to drive this with south later on tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning your friday morning commute may be
8:31 am
messy. this system when is all said and done you can expect have received two to 4 in. of rain. will start to break apart as with bonds and afternoon but it still will continue into saturday. we are tracking the storm for you and on yesterday's it was just a morning the ban was just wind. the one today and tomorrow will probably the strongest of the three and the worst of this is right at your morning commute. and we head into the weekend saturday night into sunday this this born to be a lot of flooding. this is something that we will monitor and drier conditions will be as we start the next work with. if we will have full details coming up. >> we are tracking hot spots
8:32 am
and in no accidents reported. this began to back up the approach to begin with. it is backed up the stone bridge coming from pleasanton. traffic heading east on friday making the turn northbound has also been delayed. it will be slow from the dublin area and the non commute area. after the crash this cleared a new accident just occurred. there is a new spot through redwood city and palo alto menlo park south bound. there was a disabled vehicle here for the longest time blocking lanes. traffic is backed up in the southbound direction. we have great conditions at the bay bridge until just a
8:33 am
few minutes ago. we learned that two separate stalls were on the incline section. if this means that the metering lights have been clampdown once again. we went from no back up on 880 approach and suddenly now the drive time is pushed up to 18 to 20 minutes. >> the search is underway for a man who broke into a home and to get 2 more news will go to mike pelton. >> the lady the lives of this apartment woke up to find a man standing over her and her bedroom. how did this happen? how did he get inside? >> we just wrapped up in another brief him with police just a few minutes ago. if they tell me that the suspect came to the front door and that it was scary for some of the residence. they stated that this store was chained and locked and then they found a
8:34 am
chain broken off. it was a forced entry and a lot of people were scared. this is still an active sing and their quest to allow the residents of this apartment complex. the one to piece together to what happened. this stated this is one in her 20s found this man in her bedroom and they stated that she screamed and after a brief shot trouble he split the seam. they're treating this as a burglary but that may be a potential attempted sexual assault. >> i think this area is safe and never imagine that things like that would have i am really concerned as are the this happened to this woman. >> the victim's suffered a wrist injury but of and that she is ok and she is still with police and there? try to determine a better suspect idea. they stated
8:35 am
that is a man wearing dark clothing and obviously this is vague. they're trying to find this man and they still have officers combing the area looking for anything suspicious. they're relying on the answers of the lady can provide. police say that the woman did everything that she could and they stated said in this situation she once just got off the attackers. >> they have is still off. are the people live in this bill and allow to come and go? >> there were locked down this area if you are is a god and in the past hour to i've seen people come and go. there are going door to door talk as everyone to get as much information as
8:36 am
possible. >> police have tracked down the car that was used in a smash and grab robbery. this is the surveillance video and you can see these guys with great switchers with goods. they just are smashing and rabin jury from this jury store. this was at noon on tuesday. there are armed with semi automatic pistols. the employees were held at gunpoint at went through to the jury and took off. they were in a car horn--they stated that it was a gray volkswagen jeddah. >> this man was killed in a head-on collision. they stated that he was 69 years old and that he crossed the center line on the santa monica freeway and he drove
8:37 am
straight into ongoing struck a r head on and on the scene. >> oakland police are investigating the 116, of the year. this happened yesterday about 8:00 p.m.. a man was found fatally shot in his car. police have not identified him and they have not really for, car he was found in. at this point they stated that no suspects are in charge. >>
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> the time is now 8:39 a.m. periods >> the group sent a letter to the f d a to revisit 16 pharmacies that receive warning labels from 2003 to 2009. this is due to the meningitis right now. they have been charged with killing 36 people and making other said. >> surveillance video is
8:41 am
circling that shows this mass murderer moments before he detonated a bomb. if this is a video that showing him walking up and walking away and this the explosion happened. there were eight people that were killed and then he went to a small island where he killed 69 more people. he was convicted and sentenced to the maximum and norway of 21 years. >> palestinians say that the u.s. in assembly will vote this afternoon on a resolution. if they want to raise their status at the united nations. want to be more than just they observer. they stated that this move is important for them as the work toward a solution with is your. there are no vetoes in the general assembly and this is looking like it is headed towards approval. the resolution
8:42 am
calling these day simple majority to be approved. >> we do have information about a protest that does happen cairo egypt. clashes between protesters and police. this test costs than to close the embassy nearby and issue a statement that people should avoid the area near the square. the clash is due to a special assembly on their new constitution. >> the time is 8:41 a.m. and we're focusing on the weather. >> we are waiting for the next round arrange to move and this afternoon. as you can see where are holding out and it is dry with plenty of clouds.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> is 8:45 a.m.. >> a search is under way for a man who broke into a
8:46 am
woman's apartment and paul out told periods he went to the home and will occur up and it was to 30 a.m. in the morning. she was able to scream and he got a way. >> we are getting a break from iran at the moment but you concede that it is gray outside in san francisco. we are waiting for the drops to start. >> the rain will star letter on this afternoon for the north bay and the winds have increased. this is downtown san jose and certainly is dry but you should drive with extra caution when you cross bridges this afternoon. san jose win some red 70 mi. per hour and there are a little bit stronger along the coastline. these will only increase as we head into afternoon. you concede that is centered over eureka. it
8:47 am
is crawling right now but when it reaches the bay area it will just hang over us for a while. you may encounter 10 to 12 hours of intense rainfall. right now future cast 4 predicts that about 4:00 p.m. your evening commute home may be messy. >> as we advance the plot 8:00 p.m. the showers will stretch out and as you look a.m. friday morning this will affect your morning commute. there may be flooding and consistent rain. the showers will taper off but that will be on and off in nature. they will hang around for at least saturday afternoon. you should certainly keep your umbrellas handy and the temperatures are not too bad. it is 59 degrees for
8:48 am
hayward as 56 degrees for palo alto. as we head into the afternoon it will be mostly cloudy skies. it is or is outside and 65 degrees for pleasanton. your kron 4 a around the bay forecast is that consecutive days of rain will be headed our way. saturday into sunday will be heavy as well. there may be flooding, mudslides and downed power lines. we're still looking at a 10 to 30 percent chance. when say will be a dry day and the temperatures may climb into the '70s. we do have a lot is interesting weather ahead of us for the next few days. if you are heading up to the sierra there are no changes. >> as we take a look at conditions at the res
8:49 am
orts they have had 68 in. of new snow 3 we do have a winter weather advisory an affect for them. if you're heading northbound-- >> more slowing for the freeway 880 northbound. we were minor entrance slow traffic and hyde street. this is at 66. this is not stopping but it is a slow ride in what we would like to see. it is not yet recovering on the bay shore pier wherfor wet. they had an earlier recurring problem but it has now been cleared. looking at your ride on the bridges. the bay ridge was
8:50 am
doing great but now it picked up a few stalls. if they were cleared and now we're starting to recover on a 80 approach. the drive time is up to 14 minutes and this is your best bets. the san mateo bridge dodged a bullet. it has been an easy 11 to 15 minute drive time all morning. the golden gate bridge is heavy and it is slow going as you head down to pay gates. >> the holiday season is here and for a lot of people this just means more work. what should you do when your holiday cheer is a distraction? >> to is the season to stress. >> you do not sleep, the holiday season races on and
8:51 am
the cooking partings and family-are here. there is just one other task at hand. your job. >> it is hard to focus and if you have a healthy workplace the boss knows that. >> if people have a rough time make an imbalance. the workplace is caught in this. the truth is people are of juggling ways around. juggling arrirhymes with struggling carry it this is what this doctor's order. >> the key to having a good employees engaged is a positive energy very it you have to stroke off the holiday shopping on the clock for the next few weeks. >> when you do your work is not important but the fact
8:52 am
that it is done. workers you should listen to your knees. you should slow down. or you should just lie down. come what may the holiday is here and you should do your job and live your life. when the going gets tough never do what i do. >> san jose earthquake strikers have been named the mvp of soccer. his 27 goals tied the season. he won 90 percent of the boats and 97% from the media. congratulations to him. >> 8:52 a.m.. >> we will help you get out the door as we continue to look at the weather. do not forget that 10:00 dr. phil
8:53 am
will be talking to 18 to see who is the best celebrity babysitter. you will find out after the kron 4 news.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
mls take a look of the seven they are around the bay forecast. the biggest thing is is it going to rain? it probably will line the way home from work and tomorrow morning it will be a real washed out. saturday and sunday throughout the region you also have worked rain. the heavy stuff comes down monday, still lingering and then on tuesday and wednesday it is quite nice.
8:58 am
6870 doudy. we will continue to track the weather for you as we continue. a live look here at san francisco we will be right back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
a woman is visited overnight by a man that broke into your home in palo alto and now police are looking for him. we'll have more on that story. also we are between some big storm systems. yesterday we had rain and now we're waiting for the next round, to the bay area right now. as a live look over san francisco when the currency is great out there. it looks like it wants to ram but not yet. >> it is going to. it is a slow-moving system and it
9:01 am
will impact northern california. it is slamming down in eureka and continue to push into our area. we'll continue see that increase and cloud cover start out the afternoon. will also feel the wind speeds pick up. because it is such a slow-moving system is really just approaching our area. it will also be slow to push out of our area. we're expecting several hours of moderate to heavy downpour. by the afternoon and will push and the bulk of it in the north. the yellow indicates moderate downpour. it will push into the evening hours and looks like you're friday commute is gonna be a messy one. all of the orange and yellow color on your screen indicates moderate to heavy downpour. it will continue to showers throughout the afternoon and not really taper off until saturday. we have another system headed our way and i will tell you bought it in my full forecast. right now here's traffic with george >> a hot spot the first of which is on the 880 in the northbound direction.
9:02 am
conditions are thankfully returning to normal. you'll find intermittent slow traffic from davis headed up to 580 right now conditions a pretty good. not much better though at the 1 01 southbound were slow traffic that normally obtains around 92 haz-mat out with the unusually heavy traffic leading south from belmont redwood city area. leading into mountain view so it will be a long slow drive for the entire commute. we're still looking at behind schedule traffic for 680 northbound. earlier accord at current problems backed up 680 north but also backed up the eastbound 580 ride over the dublin grade. >> the search continues this morning for a man who broke into a woman's apartment in palo alto over night. mike pelton is on the scene in has been following the
9:03 am
investigation this morning. they still have this whole area roped off but did they think that the guy is around this neighborhood still? >> we are about to hit the seven hour mark in this investigation. authorities have no idea where the suspect is. you can see officers talking there. they have gone door to door for the past hour or so questioning every resident here in sight. we have the fire department and ambulance parked right in front are shot. they have gone door to door to see if anyone knows what happened this morning. a woman her 20s woke up and found a man inside her bedroom around 220. police said she screamed and after a brief struggle the suspect fled the apartment. she is ok and she did suffer a minor wrist injury. all things considered this is good news according to police. at this point authorities are treating it as a burglary but are looking into this as an attempted sexual assault. police came out a few minutes ago
9:04 am
>> she did the right thing. obviously kenyan imagine waking up to something like this. you have to do what you have to do to protect yourself. be as loud and aggressive as you can be. take care of yourself, protect yourself. take whatever measures as necessary for your own safety. did the person out here parliament and call the police. she did everything ri police is still trying to determine who they're looking for. the victim is still with police and being questioned to get a better suspect description. at this point all they have is it was a man wearing dark clothing. obviously that is a very vague description. they have canine unions out year earlier and that led nowhere. they have searched the surrounding neighborhoods and at this point and not found anyone. they still have this quarantined off as they do their investigation. they are letting residents in and out the still searching for
9:05 am
the suspect this morning. >> authorities have released the names of two teenage girls who were shot and killed over the weekend in oakland. 16 year-old barbie certain and 16 year-old raquel burst all were shot to death around 6:00 sunday morning in east oakland. both of the girls had been hit by multiple gunshots. police have not determined a motive for the killings and they do not know why the girls were on that oakland street alone so early in the morning. no arrests have been accident involving1 vehicles and bawling one big rig is now clear from state route 185 or east 14th street. the big rig was headed northbound when the driver sneezed and swerve to the right striking one car. then it slammed into the front of a used-car lot and had nine more mostly strikes even see them and go there. 40 gal. of diesel
9:06 am
spilled but no one was injured in that crash. all from the driver sneezing. the number of americans and unemployment lines fell 23,000 to seasonally adjusted. 393,000 last week. this is a segment dropped after super storm sandy driven applications hired this month. applications by to 451,000 after sandy battered the east coast. a lot of people have the time unemployment benefits because their workplaces were closed and they were not paid. two political rivals sit down today for lunch. president obama and mitt romney will meet in private, no cameras there when they meet at the white house today. a spokesman said president obama has no specific agenda for the launch but would like to discuss rummies idea for making government more efficient. the two have not met head-to-head since their last debate. during the washington trip as well as meeting with the president
9:07 am
mr. romney will also meet with his former running mate congressman paul ryan. representatives of being sent to capitol hill to find a solution for the impending fiscal cliff today. republicans claim the white house has yet to provide specifics on how the president will curb the rapid growth of programs like medicare and medicaid. the president is insisting that tax rates go up on families that earn more than $250,000 a year. house speaker john major is adamant that any new tax bracket is coming from overhauling the tax code and clearing out tax breaks and lower rates for everyone. it is 9:06 a.m. and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. let's take a live look at bernal heights. this big tree came down and we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
among take a look at some of this damage from the wind and rain and san francisco's berle heights neighborhood. yoli is on the scene. what street is this on? >> i believe this is virginia street. it is virginia street. i'm just getting confirmation. this jury blancs to this city and it is on the sidewalk here. according to a neighbor they heard a fall around 4:00 a.m.. it was one of those things that history was bound to fall they just did
9:11 am
not know when. i guess it is needed a big storm to push it over. i have the honor of the house on which this tree fell on her name is pat and what a surprise this morning,? >> absolutely. the rise is on that side of apple around here that have up to work and came round the corner to see this this morning. i did not hear fall in the night. he told me it's fallen around four in the morning. this is quite a shock to wake up to. >> this is something you have been asking the city to take care of right? >> i filed an on-line complete form for 311 for the city for this tree in may. i received no follow up whatsoever. i was concerned as you see it is an evergreen tree but many of the leaves are missing. it looked like it was dying in may. i followed up with them again. subsequently i received a phone call saying they were coming out to take a look but i never heard anything back from them. obviously i was right it was
9:12 am
coming down. we just did not know when it would be. unfortunately the city did not take care of it in time. it is a city street. back in the '90s we had a hundred 90 mi. an hour winds all the trees on eugenia were wiped out. the city paid a lot of money for crushed cars and fences and other damage property. they tried to turn over ownership of the trees to be homeowners. most of the homeowners did not want to face that type of liability. there were neighborhood groups that essentially made the city returned them a city trees. -- retain net >> do you call this city? >> i did call them and ask them to return and do something with this so that the treated not fall in my backyard. >> did it reached a bedroom or any rooms in her house? >> of we were looking at
9:13 am
that because she's literally just came up 10 minutes before we went on the air. we were talking and looking at it and it seems that possibly the structure of the house is ok. it looks like the branches are just kind of resting on there. most of the way is right here on the sidewalk. car rosebushes are probably crashed pretty hard. the main concern as that you had this bush that was there for security and privacy and that is completely dying down leaving her in the back of her home completely exposed. >> what a great humor she has. >> we are admiring you that you have a very great spirit about all of this. >> the latest damage and don't forget we have more rain coming our way today and tomorrow. we will be right back.
9:14 am
9:15 am
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9:17 am
with rob black our financial expert to talk about winners and losers on wall street. impending home sales surging today. talk to us about how much of what does this mean? >> they today will see some machinations' a little weaker or stronger. trans with home sales is aggressive. we are having a good year. it is helping our economy. purchases for previously owned homes in the month of october climbed 5% we were supposed to come up with a 1% climb. americans feel better and better about their home price in putting their homes up for sale. the economic cycle is positive. i like what we see. >> that is under year when a column. under your loser, you have trumps and macy's.thero dump the trump. people do not seem to like him personally and is that having an impact on sales of his product at macy's?
9:18 am
>> i never understood this in any way shape or form. people look at donald trump as his business and even though he has been been crafted to are three times. he got his money from his daddy. there macy's see them all came out and said we listen to their customers and customer is buying his goods. they should take a look at the new research for a poll that came out showing macy's approval rating from women 18 to 35 has plunged below that of the worst retailer out there j.c. penney's. macy's brand is just collapsing. maybe it has something to do with trump, maybe it doesn't. he talks about obama not being berth in this nation and it's coming back to hurt him. it is also hurting macy's as well. >> i want to try something different. a viewer said a question they wanted me to ask you. if you don't mind this is from clea i have a lot of that and now i have
9:19 am
creditors calling me. who do i trust? when the phone rings is this someone legitimately trying help me or is someone who is trying to take my money. >> it is a creditor promising to read of the whole debt and they don't. the best thing they'd to do is to contact the person that you have the debt with. they will negotiate with you. most of the times they will take 60¢ on the dollar but you should have been put it in writing before you cash a check. consumer credit counseling services of san francisco ccc got s s-backed it is a humbling and shameful situation to have bad credit.
9:20 am
>> those collectors can be pretty aggressive on the phone. do not agree to make a payment then there with first contact. >> even some of the lawyers advertise settle in your debt for pennies on the dollar. they cannot do that. sometimes they will take the money. they will work the case for couple of minutes find out your case is unsolvable and then you leave you out. >> thank you very much and rob black joins us every morning at 615 and 915. thank you for coming out today. >> we're talking of the timing of the next round of rain >> is a live look at san jose. he conceded cloudy and looking pretty gray. the camera is shaking because of the wind picking up. when
9:21 am
speeds are at 22 mi. an hour. the speed will increase as we await the storm. rain began to and the north bay this afternoon and the widespread into evening hours. your morning commute tomorrow would be a really messy ride. it looks like we're not quite clear. when the storm passes out we have a third one approaching into the weekend. because of the consistent rainfall flooding and mudslides are a definite possibility with this system. satellite and radar shows it is already active in northwestern part of the state. it is a slow-moving system so we it will be slow to approach. we are expecting several hours of moderate downpour. about 4:00 you can see it's pretty widespread in the north bay. it will continue to push south into the evening hours. your friday morning commute by 8:00 a.m. all this yellow and orange crop color on your screen
9:22 am
indicates moderate to heavy downpour. give yourself extradites time tomorrow morning. it will take part off into a shower about 3:00 in the afternoon. we're not going to be in the clear we have a another system approaching. los 60s in hayward upper 50s than half of the right now. 66 degrees in palo alto and 60 degrees and napa. 54 and walnut creek and we're expecting a mild day in terms of temperature very low 60s in the north bay as was the east bay. 7 day around the bay shows wet weather and store for us into the weekend. it will not taper off and to mid- week next week. >> we have been tracking some hot spots this morning the ride on interstate u.s. highway 1 01 in the southbound direction was backed up through redwood city. that has cleared up nicely. the ride to the bay
9:23 am
bridge toll plaza westbound is once again starting to improve. the back of the starting to diminish. your best approach is 14 to 16 minutes from the nimitz freeway. the san mateo bridge has been a great one all morning long 11 to 12 minutes for the westbound ride. the golden gate bridge had been heavy year but is also starting to thin out on the span. it is no longer such as from the south tower down to the pay gates. >> 9:22 a.m. in coming up president george h. w. bush hospitalized today. we will tell you why and how he is doing. a live look at walnut creek traffic is nice and light. they are actually getting a break from the rain as we wait for the to roll in. we will be right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
former president at george h. w. bush is in the hospital in houston for treatment of a lingering costs. he is 88 years old now and being treated for bronchitis. he was admitted last friday and is expected to be released by the weekend. a spokesman for the president said the mls was not life-threatening but there had been concerns that it could have developed pneumonia. he is 88 years old. he's doing ok but it looks like he's in the hospital until this weekend. palestinians are waiting for the outcome of the vote today that could elevate their status in the united nations. this is video of people already celebrating. a yes vote would mean the palestinians are regarded as a non member observer state. that would implicitly recognize palestinian statehood. israel and the
9:28 am
united states are against the you recognition. france and the rest of the european nations are in favor. reports out this area this morning that the entire country has no internet access right now. this is an unprecedented internet blacked out which comes from intense fighting from damascus. syria partially cut off and access but a nationwide shutdown has not happened until now. it is 927 and we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. sam francisco, a live look as we hold out for the drive morning commute continuing this morning. you can see the clouds they are just waiting to rain on this later on this afternoon. we will be right back.
9:29 am
[ crickets chirping ]
9:30 am
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] we are taking a look at the weather and off the coast piquancy here passed eureka
9:31 am
that yellow is the rain off the coast and headed in. when is it going to get here? the bay bridge is dry on the approach there and the san francisco james lick freeway is looking great. it is gray out but there is no rain yet. >> it is gray owl but it is a slope approaching system. we have been anticipating it all morning. because it is so slow it will just take its time to pass through our area to. we are expecting several hours of downpour. 4:00 this afternoon pushing through the yellow indicating moderate. by 8:00 you will see along the san mateo coastline parts of your east bayshore. friday morning commute by 8:00 a.m. all of this yellow and orange on your screen indicates moderate to heavy downpour. it will be a messy
9:32 am
ride tomorrow. you'll want to allow yourself extra drive time for your morning commute. it will taper off in the afternoon. it is still pretty widespread but last in terms of intensity. it will linger on into saturday as well. we could have a little bit of a dry break on saturday afternoon but saturday night we have a another system approaching. i will tell you more about it in just a bit. for now we are heading over to daria. >> with the rain we got yesterday we are having a delayed effect today. a tree went down and burn all heights in san francisco. yoli it wasn't your fault but you had to tell the homeowner what happened? >> pretty much. can you imagine you are ready to go to work and you take the route from behind your home, this is a back street of her house. she noticed this tree in her yard breaking down the whole fans here. she
9:33 am
actually took it very well. she is a little upset because it is a tree that is owned by the city. she knew it was old and has been asking the city to take care of it. she knew it was going to come down she just did not know when. all it needed was a good storm and eventually pushed it over. you can see the roof here roots it is pretty dry rotted. it fell around 4:00 in the morning. two neighbors heard the tree fall down and into the fence. the home owner pat was amazed that she did not hear it. but she said she went to bed at 2:00 a.m.. she may have looked out though because it looks like her house was pretty much saved here. it did not do much damage to the debtors. it seems that most of the way is really right here on the cement. everything dipped down inside here. the rose bushes that she had
9:34 am
that her grandmother planted seem to be destroyed. some sentimental plants in her garden seemed to be destroyed. at this point she is as we see here from the city. she placed a phone call and i placed a phone call to see if anyone would talk to us and when they could get history of the way in out of her yard. and as you mentioned we had we do have another storm coming. >> i was kind to say yoli be prepared because you'll be out wittomorrow. we will contine our coverage of the weather and latest news that develops from it. at 9:33 a.m. we have another story we are falling. a search is on the way for a man who broke into a woman's home in palo alto. mike pelton is reporting on that. >> we adjusted the seven our mark on this investigation and you can see on your screen there they are still going door-to-door asking each resident what they saw or heard early this morning. there trying to piece together what sparked this incident. a woman in her 20s
9:35 am
woke up and found a man in her apartment around 2:20 a.m.. she screamed and after a brief struggle the suspect fled the apartment. at this point the police are treating this as a burglary but they're looking to see of this potentially was 8 and attempted sexual assault. >> she did the right thing. can you imagine waking up to something like this? you have to do it yet to do to protect yourself. be as loud and aggressive as you can and take care of yourself. protect yourself and take whatever measure is necessary for your own safety and get the person out of your apartment. call immediately like she did. she did everything all right. >> she is physically ok she needs minor attention. she suffered a minor injury. authorities are focused on finding a suspect at this time. all we know is that it was a male who was wearing dark clothing. it was a very big discretion but they're still working with the victim interviewing her to try to get more informations
9:36 am
to build a better suspect id. >> new video that we have of police tracking down the getaway car but there still looking for the robbers of the smash and grab burglary on tuesday. downtown los gatos and a jewelry store employees were held at gunpoint. these guys came in with those on their heads at lacy's jewelry store at noon on tuesday. they smashed the cases and swept all the stuff. they took off on university avenue. there was a grey bulls wagon jeddah with carolina license plates. --jetta the state average for gas is $3.77 a gallon it is $3.67 in san jose and oakland is averaging $3.70 a
9:37 am
gallon. still ahead to supervisors and a former b.p. executive enter their pleas after one of these countries worst oil spills in history. we will tell you what happened. also new surveillance video showing the norway bomber moments before the blast that he set off. and we are bracing for more rain in the bay area. there is a live look at the san mateo bridge. we will be right back. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook.
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two executives and a b.p. before merck b.p. well site leaders are charged with manslaughter in the deaths of 11 break workers and disregarding abnormally high pressure readings just before it exploded in 2010. b.p. vice president of exploration was charged
9:41 am
separately by congress about the amount of oil that was leaking. he pleaded not guilty. surveillance video out of norway it shows the bomber moments before he detonated a bomb. there he is walking away and the explosion that happened last year. he calmly walked away as that explosion killed eight people. he continued on, went to a tiny island and killed another 69 people. he was convicted for all of those murders and convicted of the sentence to the maximum of 20 years. that is all i can get a norway. the clashes between protesters and police in cairo egypt are clogging the streets. it caused the closure of the u.s. embassy there. the embassy issued a statement advising people to
9:42 am
stay away from tahrir square. they are calling for a final draft of a new constitution. an important reminder for drivers stanley roberts will have more on people behaving badly. you will want to see this before you had on a rainy ride home this afternoon. here is another commute luck and the dow is up 25 points in trading above 13,000. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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you can record four shows at once on your total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ male announcer ] so call now. u-verse triple-play bundles start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] with a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat. same great price. two whole years. price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ an officer to underway this morning for a man broke into a palo alto home overnight in the area of hawthorne ave and high street. the intruder was in the woman's home, she woke up saw had struggled and screamed and he took off. mike pelton has been covering that story. president obama and mitt romney are meeting for lunch today. we don't get to see what happens because it is behind closed doors. it is the first time they've met
9:46 am
since their last debate and we will wait to see if anything comes out of that. we are tracking a storm that is in the bay area right now as far as the clouds and grey sky. we will get more rain and we will talk about the timing, janu? >> this is the san jose cameron he conceded bouncing around. we expected be brought winds to pick up throughout the afternoon. there about 21 mi. per hour in san jose. we are expecting the rain to push in this afternoon starting in the north bay. it will go widespread into the overnight hours. your morning commute will be a pretty messy ride. it looks like we will not be in the clear once this system passes because we have storm number three headed our way this weekend. because of these consistent rain we are expecting flooding and mudslides are a possibility with this system. you can already see it is impacting
9:47 am
the western part of the state. it was slowly push into our area so cloud cover will increase as well as the wind speeds. it will be slow to approach but it will also be slow to push out of our area. we are expecting several hours of moderate downpour. future cast four shows 4:00 p.m. the system will be pushing into the north bay and down in the evening hours. the yellow and orange indicate a moderate to heavy downpour. you'll want to allow yourself extra drive time to get your destination in the morning. it will taper off into light rain in the afternoon hours. the overnight hours of saturday's will have the lingering showers. another system we will take a look at on your seventh day around the bay but we will look at temperatures currently. the '60s and mountain view in hayward. 64 degrees in palo alto. 64 in
9:48 am
walnut creek. temperatures for a mile this afternoon with low 60s and the north and east bay. 7 day around the bay shows as we just have wet weather in store for us all the way into your weekend. it will start to dry off and warm pop about midweek. for those of you head to the sierra we will take a look at your snowbound .com seat ski report. and heavenly you can see we are expecting a base of 18 to 24 in. and 6 in. of new snow. squaw valley has up to 28 in. and 6 in. of new powder there. >> abating would have been some hot spots the ride through the doubling interchange and sam nunn of valley 680 northbound completely cleared out now. greene shows on the runway sensors. also there are problems here on 1 01 through redwood city
9:49 am
earlier. they have also clear of now. the southbound peninsula ride looks much better on both 1 01 and interstate 280. we'll get another bridge check for you as we look at much improved conditions at the bay bridge. there is the end of the back up and it is the ninth 11 minutes drive time. the san mateo bridge had a great to meet today. we did not see drive times jumping up into the 20 minute range. we enjoy in 11 to 15 minute commute all morning long. the golden gate bridge ride that things are back to normal now. they will be adding the third lane in the northbound direction frequently. if they have not already started, they have started. the third nine is now in place on a northbound side. that is how light the commute direction is now. >> lindsey lohan is in trouble again. she was released from any your travefrom a new york jail. wha'd she do this time? she got
9:50 am
into a fight and had a woman in the face and a manhattan nightclub. she is charged with third degree assault. also dmz is reporting that santa monica attorneys will charge low hand with three more caught crimes related to her car accident last june. she got false information to a police officer reckless driving to add to a new assault charge of the nightclub. is a good time to remind you that if it is raining in your went to wipers are on your headlights need to be on to. >> i am pulling you over for have not having your lights on you need to follow me. i'm going to pull this other car over and front of you. >> when it is raining and
9:51 am
you have to turn on your wiper's will blast, state law requires you turn on your headlights. the driver and the honda and his driver did not. they both get to have a chat with offered for glaze of the california highway patrol. >> why don't you have your headlights on during the reign? >> the driver it seemed a little busy so let's wait. now let's listen and >> your driving without your headlights on at this point. >> to be honest with you i thought this car had the automatic lights on. >> these were the only to the driver is violating the nearly eight year loss. the driver of this bobtail truck was driving in the rain with no headlights on. >> take the exit >> the driver said he was aware of the law but told the officer he was in a rush and was only driving a few miles. as to what he told
9:52 am
me >> you had no headlights on you're driving in the rain >> i dry really good you know >> it has nothing to do with your vision but visibility and common sense. >> were you aware this was a moving violation? >> since we're on the subject of common sense watch as this driver goes past are chp cruiser and the rain would wipers on and no lights. i wonder what will happen next? >> pull over here. their ego. >> tell me you did not see that coming >> you're driving with no headlights on in your wins the wipers are on. >> there's m you wearing your seat belt? >> i was not aware of the law that i have my headlights on. i would have been on. >> for the record of the law does not apply if you have
9:53 am
the wipers on and fermented. you need to physically turn on your headlights. >> i'm trying to teach women how to behave properly and being clean and sober and legal and here i am being caught behaving badly. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> the like button on facebook is on fire this morning after an act of kindness by a new york city police officer. it is looking stormy here from our mt. tam cam. .
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
the kinds of the new york foot it city police officer has created a lot of buzz. a tourist took that shot of this officer larry the primo giving boots to a bare foot homeless man and times square. this was posted on the nypd facebook page. it
9:57 am
became an instant hit. more than 325,000 users have already like this picture. the homeless man smiled from here the year. it was like he got a million dollars. the officer cap the receipt for the boots to remind him that sometimes other people are worse off. also in the york the lead of the christmas tree in rockefeller center. and 80 ft. norway spruce that came from new jersey has 30,000 multicolored lights on it. isn't that gorgeous? that will be there until january 7th. it really gets you in the mood. something like the story of the place of the sir, i want to cry just reading that. make sure you watch dr. phil after the show. it is a celebrity face off to see who is the best baby sitter.
9:58 am
would you let them watch your kids? we are watching the rain coming in on your ride home tonight it will be bad. it will rain on your morning commute and as was the weekend. we will see you later.
9:59 am
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